Dirty Girl

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_dryeyes By _dryeyes Updated 2 years ago
What would you do if a sexy bad boy started following you? Well Clara chose to completely ignore him.

Clara had been content not being noticed in school, but that all changed once Garrett drove into her life and became her own personal stalker. He seems to be everywhere she turns, and no matter how hard she tries she just can't seem to get rid of him. What could the bad boy of the school want with a goody two shoes like Clara you ask. Well what if the bad boy isn't really all that bad?
KADeVere KADeVere 2 years ago
Minor err: "It looks like they're (not there) hitting it off.
iLuvTW14 iLuvTW14 2 years ago
SEX POSITION?! Wow, he really is what his character is. It's really good. I love this.
dfoley15 dfoley15 2 years ago
Can you update ? It's good but now it sucks with it not being finished ! ):
purpleskies purpleskies 3 years ago
This is great first chapter :D I  didn't spot any grammar mistakes so that's always good  keep it up I can't wait for you update :)