My puppy just turned into a hot guy! (Slow updates)

"Ugh Mr. Pillow why must you be so hard?" I moan as i flip around. I hear a quiet chuckle. Since when do pillows chuckle? "I'm not a pillow, love" Mr. Pillow replies. Okay..Pillows do NOT reply! Or chuckle!..or chew bubblegum..or play...or. Anyways there is something wrong here. I shoot up and see a guy (a very hot guy) sitting on my bed. What do i do? I scream this. "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!....and where's my dog?" (c)TheCryingWolf Book Made in 2014 (R) PG Werewolf #467 Humor #656
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how is she 10? if she could walk and talk wouldn't she be around 2 when she got the dog?

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