The Name's Clawdean

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Me... By forever_capturing Updated 4 months ago
My Story... My life started with a scream... 

A scream from a mother dying to a newly born me.

Then a cry...

A cry from a 7 year old me being abused by her father.

Then a bang...

A gun shot from a rouge commader to a 16 year old run away me...

I ran away from my group, the place I grew up in... I wanted to be free to live as a normal werewolf I always wanted to be... I never wanted to be a threat to anyone. I just wanna be free.

To live my life... Is that to much?
Icant see the pic :( no fair, and its really good story so far Areeba
You uploaded :D upload 'Dont worry, I won't fall for you' PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE & can u write me a song? (teresa has told you abt it- i think) XD
WOW plz write more i have a feeling ths will be a good story
can wait til she finds her mate