When breathing was God's way of punishing

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Fourthaxis By Fourthaxis Completed
A poem about self loathing and bittersweet realizations...
KiaViolette KiaViolette 3 years ago
all i have to say is that your crazy and i love you for it!!!!
CantFindKeyboard CantFindKeyboard 3 years ago
this is one is favorite! its so sad, but full of emotion! I love the title (:
IzG1997 IzG1997 3 years ago
Read that a few times, realised I was crying. It's absolutely brilliant. x
xxNerdnproudxx xxNerdnproudxx 3 years ago
Gosh that was deep. I feel... i cnt even put into words how i feell. Ur an amazing poet. Wow you just need to work on some punctuation.  Otherwise perfect
going_rouge going_rouge 3 years ago
This is really deep. It's fantastic, though. Kinda dark. But made me think a lot. You have a gift. You are a beyond-amazing poet. please post more! I'll be more than happy to read ALL of your poems :)))