Brother? A SkyDoesMinecraft Fan Fic

Abbie's life was changed forever when she is adopted by her long lost brother, the one and only, SkyDoesMinecraft, and that's when the real jouney begains... Will struggles and difficulties cut the happiness short? Or will love and family prevail in the war to survive against a deadly disease?
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Me too. It would look so cool. Because I would put cati on it for Preston! :) <3
Sweet, caring and, nice but when pissed off she uses her card to defeat the person who made her made/enemy
@TheDarkTyplos loves sports, video games, and isnt like other girls; also a suscriber to skythekid
Friendly, can be violent if pissed. Loves Simple plan, Three Days Grace, breaking benjamin, and My chemical romance
Lives next to them was in he hospital for 3 months fighting 3 deadly sicknesses lived in Oklahoma for her whole life until now
Blonde changing eyes from blue to green every other day tan petite chubbyish long hair wavy hair

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