Brother? A SkyDoesMinecraft Fan Fic

Abbie's life was changed forever when she is adopted by her long lost brother, the one and only, SkyDoesMinecraft, and that's when the real jouney begains... Will struggles and difficulties cut the happiness short? Or will love and family prevail in the war to survive against a deadly disease?
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My god can I live there? Purple is my Fav color and I love minecraft so...
Jason: Come on to the little boys corner. Now bend over so I could see, those little butt cheeks
Sky: XD
Me too. It would look so cool. Because I would put cati on it for Preston! :) <3
JUST THE 1st PARAGRAPH IM ALREADY...crying?... Interested?... DEM FEELS!!!!!!!!!
@G1immerGir1 Oh that's just weird XD no wonder it sounded so familiar when I first read it
Hey I luv or story!! Can in just ask if you got the idea of "sunny side orphanage" from toy story?

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