You never knew me till now....Don't Mess With Me.

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stichedpanda By stichedpanda Updated 2 years ago
Feliciano Vargas has been faking pretty much his entire life.  He's been playing innocent and hiding the fact that he's strong, to take the others by surprise and rise to the top.  He is confident that he will rule the world and will stop at nothing to do so.  Anyone who gets in his way, will regret it dearly.  He's already killed one Ally, and is fairly certain he'll get away with it.....untill he figures out that someone else saw him commit a murder.  But who will suspect the cute, innocent Italy? Will one person be enough to ruin it all? As Italy becomes more and more power thirsty, more people end up dead.  Will anyone stop him? IN SHORT, ITALY SNAPS BIIIIGGGG TIIIMMMEEE!
CenturlItaly CenturlItaly a month ago
ummmm okay fratello you have gone way to far now i`m scared for my safety...... i live with him
CenturlItaly CenturlItaly a month ago
YES DO IT FRATELLO sorry he is so weak well i thought so i`m just over excited i think
OtakuTaffi312 OtakuTaffi312 6 months ago
I'm scared from reading episode 23.5. I wish I could un-see it!!!
RookieReader678 RookieReader678 6 months ago
Bad Italy. Bad. You don't do that. I read hetalia ep 23.5. No.
Theghost_doctor Theghost_doctor 2 years ago
Ah! NO!! BAD ITALY!!!!!!!!! This is not the Italy my friends diagnosed me as!
ChocolateRainXP ChocolateRainXP 2 years ago
i can't believe I'm feeling the same excitement in this as when i read Italy kissing Germany...
I'm so sadistic...O.O