[My Life is Full Of Drama, Without Being the Soulmate of the Vampire Prince]Gabriella or most call her Bree, goes to her brothers Wrestling match, and bumps into the hottest guy she has ever seen! Why is he so interested in her though? oh and did I mention he's not from her school, and has no idea how she will ever see him again well besides tomorrow at the wrestling match, but what will happen the next day?....
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nice long title there :) good story btw (: its well written and a good beginning (:
It seems like protagonist girls have a habit of literally running into hot guys at the beginning of stories here a lot. 
wow, that's a long title lol anyway this is really good! nice details, good hook, and it written nicely *voted* :)
Thanks fot the dedication!!! and i love it!! the story is pretty cool and all. <3

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