When Scars Become Stars (on hold, sorry)

What happens when 2 sworn enemies are forced to share a house for the entire winter break? Cassie Anderson is your average 16 year old girl living in Virginia. She has the looks, the brains, the charm, the perfect life in general. Oh, and most of all. She absolutley, 100 percent, hates her sworn enemy. Alex Drew is not your average 16 year old boy living in Virginia. He spent his life feeling neglected by the ones who were supposed to love him most. His Father loathed him because he wasn't the son he was supposed to be. And his Mother hated him because...well there was no reason. Just hate. Cassie's Father is a therapist, he helps broken families. And he takes in the Drew family in order to fix their problems. But with that issue comes another problem. Cassie and Alex have hated each other ever since Cassie publically humiliated Alex in front of the whole school. But once she sees how broken Alex really is, will things change? Will she be there to heal his wounds and help his scars become stars?
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reading comments and then my kitten falls and hits a box while trying to get on the arm chair im in. she is still alive though. And Alex is super hot!.
I hate her but i also like when the main character is the "bad guy" because you dont see that very often
*gasps* how dare he threaten that?!?!?!? Not the phone, no, please there has to be another way!
That's so f├╝cking mean D: I hate her already and it's just a few pages into the book.... Wow
*wipes eyebrows* phew! I thought she was mental or something. Who couldn't love emo boys :)

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