Love Like The Storm (Kat&Hunter One Shot)

This is it. This is it for Kat and Hunter. Well, for us it is. For the, it's only the beginning. <3
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this is a triggering book .. too much memories coming back .. but i cant stop reading it niether
I was actually kind of expecting this but did anyone else laugh at the hair comment?
this is getting me bc my grandma died.. and she was a big part in my life.. i know how he feels. im seriously crying so hard
on my deathbed all ill see is you. the life my leave my lungs, but my heart will stay with you
so now if you comment the r*pe it gets reported? really-__- thanks wattpad t(t•_•)
if my dad raped me i wouldnt even be able to look at myself, let alone him. id see to much of him in myself. how does hunter do it?

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