Love Like The Storm (Kat&Hunter One Shot)

This is it. This is it for Kat and Hunter. Well, for us it is. For the, it's only the beginning. <3
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Okay so I read the last book first by accident and well I read this one ans it's all wrong...
Will you eat this pepperoni ?
*Gets on one knee* 
(Pulls pepperoni out of a ring box)
Go and see the movie Heaven Is Foreal. It's based on a true story and its an amazing movie.
this is a triggering book .. too much memories coming back .. but i cant stop reading it niether
I was actually kind of expecting this but did anyone else laugh at the hair comment?
this is getting me bc my grandma died.. and she was a big part in my life.. i know how he feels. im seriously crying so hard

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