Love Like The Storm (Kat&Hunter One Shot)

This is it. This is it for Kat and Hunter. Well, for us it is. For the, it's only the beginning. <3
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it makes sense when hunter said his name during the song guardian angel because technically gabriel is an angel but not a guardian angel but an arch angel!
Why is it when a person dies they have to tell a joke or make someone smile when they're going to die? I want to know the reason why!
You should do one where Kat is the one who was abused. I wanna see how Hunter would act in that situation
Too many feels on...on the verge of tears...not gonna cry though... Fuck that I'm gonna cry
omfg.. I have a gay friend who is cool as fuck and would probably say some shit like this at my wedding
AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE Kat and Hunter. Thank you so much for sharing their story!!

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