The Alpha's Little Kitten

Meet Piper, the quirky, sassy, sexy, annoying, smart new girl. Meet Ash, the arrogant, show off, intelligent bad ass Alpha. These two idiots are so similar, yet so different. They're mates. But Piper moved country and pack for a reason, so what happens when MoonDawn's beloved Luna Piper is threatened again. And what happens when Piper goes through a huge change? Ash better keep his eye on Piper, because shit's about to go down. And it looks like Piper is in the middle of it.
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So do I!!!

Wait...I'm not a mother.....

I want imaginary grand kids!!!!! Yayyyy!
I found a new best friend! We are going to be riding the purple drones of nufferland!!
Yeah. I have that same annoying voice. Although it's always a whisper and it ends up scaring me a bit
I would have been like "TMI MOM!! JUST PLEASE STOP!!! WHAT AM I BEING PUNISHED FOR?!??!"
I'm a morning person!!! I wake up at five to watch the sunrise and my family wants to basically kill me for being so happy at seven in the morning!
OMG! Minus the guitar and replace it with viola and piano, and take out MineCraft Xbox, that's basically me!

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