The Alpha's Little Kitten

Meet Piper, the quirky, sassy, sexy, annoying, smart new girl. Meet Ash, the arrogant, show off, intelligent bad ass Alpha. These two idiots are so similar, yet so different. They're mates. But Piper moved country and pack for a reason, so what happens when MoonDawn's beloved Luna Piper is threatened again. And what happens when Piper goes through a huge change? Ash better keep his eye on Piper, because shit's about to go down. And it looks like Piper is in the middle of it.
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I love the title of this book c: my boyfriend calls me his little kitten while i call him my big bad alpha or my wolf ❤️
dude, thats a very close description other than guitar fo  on  of my friends! i love imagine dragons!
What's netball? Is it tennis? ....... I LOVE IMAGINE DRAGONS!!!! THEIR SONGS ARE AWESOME!!!!
my cousin was reading over my shoulder and said to me "Ha that girl is in the middle a shit, what a mess…" I can't look at him anymore
@stubborn_blonde2975 girl pl-lease! Is a scientific FACT that all girls with the name Piper are Beautiful. Thats a form of sexy... but better.
Hey! My name's Piper too! Plus I'm sassy and annoying, but definitely not sexy, too bad tho

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