The Alpha's Little Kitten

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TigerDrone By TigerDrone Updated 5 months ago
Meet Piper, the quirky, sassy, sexy, annoying, smart new girl. Meet Ash, the arrogant, show off, intelligent bad ass Alpha. These two idiots are so similar, yet so different.  They're mates.   But Piper moved country and pack for a reason, so what happens when MoonDawn's beloved Luna Piper is threatened again.  And what happens when Piper goes through a huge change?   Ash better keep his eye on Piper, because shit's about to go down. And it looks like Piper is in the middle of it.
hamsterheart2014 hamsterheart2014 5 days ago
hello twin sister. minecraft and imagine dragons! whoop whoop
tanhachow tanhachow a month ago
I'm a girl too. maybe piper and I could be twins for twin day
tanhachow tanhachow a month ago
I once tried to learn the piano but my teacher pissed me off
TheRandomBookLion TheRandomBookLion 3 months ago
Imagine Dragons is Life.. There just too many words to describe..
NicoleHarris008 NicoleHarris008 4 months ago
Is it bad my first thought was " Duh! All girls go through a "huge change". It's called Puberty!"