Lily Luna's Story

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'Families are like roses. The petals are intertwined and tight-knit, but there are always the petals that are on the outside, wanting to be part of the beautiful pattern and not quite making it. In my family, I was the outside petal; always there and trying to fit in, but not quite managing. That was the way it always was and how I thought it always would be. But I was wrong.'

Lily Luna Potter never really fit in with her family, who was constantly under a microscope to the public. She didn’t like that everything she did wrong was known by wizards and witches everywhere in Britain. Lily thought she was different to everyone else, but she never realised just how normal she had been, until one night something goes horribly wrong. Dark magic that nobody can understand taints Lily. Nothing like this has ever happened before to anyone and Lily has no idea what to do and how she will free herself of the curse she has to deal with and hide it from her family.
Crazy_Girl_Luvs Crazy_Girl_Luvs 2 years ago
*gasp* omg! History repeating itself! I'm biting my nails wanting to read more! Well... I will now then sine this has gpt me on the edge of my seat..  Just that prediction got me going 'holy smokes!'
timtams timtams 3 years ago
Ahahah x
Thanks for using it, it means a lot. This one was my fave of the three x
BenderOfWaterx3 BenderOfWaterx3 3 years ago
WOW, O_O This was awesome, I can't wait the next chapter... :D you rock! @Bauhinia
lightuplunar lightuplunar 3 years ago
Woo! The beginning was good and I bet the rest will be even better! Update soon!!
gooseygoose gooseygoose 3 years ago
OH MY GOSH!!! I love this!!!! it does start off slow but sometimes slow is a good thing and I love it!!! This prophecy is going to involve the deathly hallows getting back together right?? It says three objects in the prophecy!!!!!!! I loved it!! can't wait for you to upload again!!!!
arty_writes arty_writes 3 years ago
I wonder what Trelawney means by this prophecy, though I'm sure it won't be anything good.
A great start! I'll definitely be reading more of this. =)