Vampire Slave Series; The Prophecy (BOOK ONE)

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XxxYoungwildFreexxX By CrystalLufsey Completed
Amabell and her friends were captured to be the slaves of a clan of killer vampires. Slavery usually constists of working around the house, making dinners and cleaning up after the beasts, but these vampires had a different idea for Amabell. They turn her into their sex slave...
This seems so good! All of the possibilities this book contains!
"was" Im taking a wild guess... In the end Jude falls in love with Amabelle...
The ones who think fifty shades of grey is good should just forget that book and read this one. This book is for real. It's so good *0*
:) you seem cool and i think people should learn to keep there mouth shut about negative things its a way better story then i could ever write :)
Im reading it ill let you know how i think! telling the honest truth x
Umm quick question just finished reading the hold me closer stories and wanted to know if amabell was the same character from the other series or should I just pretend that it's the new character? P.s massive fan your books r amazing!!!