Vampire Slave Series; The Prophecy (BOOK ONE)

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Amabell and her friends were captured to be the slaves of a clan of killer vampires. Slavery usually constists of working around the house, making dinners and cleaning up after the beasts, but these vampires had a different idea for Amabell. They turn her into their sex slave...
Okay I just read your author note and I think I already love your story
I liked the books when I was little. Then I watched the movies with my girlfriend. *Shivers* Never again. The movies are mostly made up of Bella and Jacob and Edward looking at each other. It pisses me off.
Lol, I've read the first paragraph and I know I like you already. A vote for you!
OMG the world has ended since its so boring :3
not my sarcasm
This person has said it better than any of us can. She deserves a virtual high five.✋✋✋✋
You go sista!!! P.s 4 som reason i really enjoying dis AN hehehe