Vampire Slave Series; The Prophecy (BOOK ONE)

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XxxYoungwildFreexxX By CrystalLufsey Completed
Amabell and her friends were captured to be the slaves of a clan of killer vampires. Slavery usually constists of working around the house, making dinners and cleaning up after the beasts, but these vampires had a different idea for Amabell. They turn her into their sex slave...
how they just gone make her a sex slave that ain't even fair
Is that missing chapter important and I just want to say I think you're cool for stickin up for yourself I would just try to ignore them :)
I love when there's a warning that a story isn't edited. It helps me know that the author is giving me fair warning I might not like some errors lol then I won't comment on them
This seems so good! All of the possibilities this book contains!
"was" Im taking a wild guess... In the end Jude falls in love with Amabelle...
The ones who think fifty shades of grey is good should just forget that book and read this one. This book is for real. It's so good *0*