Vampire Slave Series; The Prophecy (BOOK ONE)

Amabell and her friends were captured to be the slaves of a clan of killer vampires. Slavery usually constists of working around the house, making dinners and cleaning up after the beasts, but these vampires had a different idea for Amabell. They turn her into their sex slave...
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ok I'm just gonna say this your wording in things is so awesome like all the stuff at the beginning of the story its great I loved it
haha I have a feeling we can be best friends and finally someone that thinks the way I do and justin bieber fan fics!!
Mannn like I just started reading this book and I already like you !!!! you are my kind of person lol you start the book off with a  sassy attitude *claps*
:) you seem cool and i think people should learn to keep there mouth shut about negative things its a way better story then i could ever write :)
K den. Kinda offensive to the people that do like JB, killing off the vibe here. But I'm gonna read and see if it's all what it's up to be as people say.
@KiyaMcgunnigle @JellyJam yup there is a book two and it is called vampire slave:spawn

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