Vampire Slave Series; The Prophecy (BOOK ONE)

Amabell and her friends were captured to be the slaves of a clan of killer vampires. Slavery usually constists of working around the house, making dinners and cleaning up after the beasts, but these vampires had a different idea for Amabell. They turn her into their sex slave...
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You. Are. Perfect. If your grocery lists are as funny as your rants, put them on Wattpad. I would seriously read them
those go for the girly girls out there im sure glad im not a girly girl i love rock
thank god you have commen sense and jesus, now we just need more people like you.
Ur a good author already. If u have that kinda attitude then ur book will be amazing no matter how crapy u want it to be
To be honest, I just think you're sick of hearing and getting sh!t from people about the book you wrote. No worries.
@pandagalray Okayyy???? I have no idea how that's supposed to relate to what the author just said, but...

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