The Mysterious Stories of Harris Burdick

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shatteredworlds By shatteredworlds Updated 5 months ago
They say a picture is worth one thousand words...
OnTheGreySide OnTheGreySide a year ago
wow this must be rocking the hell out of the ship! and I must agree with @cat78956... picture a is a creative idea!!!
cat78956 cat78956 3 years ago
Cool idea. I like the suspense and mystery of where he might have disappeared to. The picture thing sounds very creative. I did something similar in English class.
K_June K_June 3 years ago
Hm... This is definitely an interesting idea. Someone down there mentioned Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, and that's what I immediately thought of too! (LOVED that book.)
MusicIsMySoul MusicIsMySoul 3 years ago
@gabbyalex So I enjoyed this. 

I am yet to read something that is based on something true, something that is SO unique and yet so intriguing :) I enjoyed this throughly and im excited to find out more for Harris Burdick :)
strawberrycrayon strawberrycrayon 3 years ago
whoa. that's actually pretty cool. reminds me of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. that was a good book, too....
ninjabuddies ninjabuddies 3 years ago
This is all real? Wow very amazing must I say. I like it! Voted!