She's no Princess.

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_MeLoveMonster By _MeLoveMonster Updated 3 years ago
Izabella Christiano had no choice but to marry a man that she had never even met before, just to keep her mother and father happy. 

--Edward Luxford was really not on board for this arranged marriage, but went along with it to have a little fun with the girl that had 'his hand in marriage'.

--The mansion they will live in holds some of it's own secrets, but no one knows what they are, not even the tenants of the house.

--And some of the people are a litlle on edge with an outsider coming in to their town. 

--They do not belong in this little village.
Scarred_Forever Scarred_Forever 3 years ago
@MeLoveMonster  you make me feel bad... i prefer  'advice' rather than 'critisizme'. :(