Pain & Pleasure: Perplexed Love {Wattpadprize14}

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Kyla Johnson is a girl who is forced to move from her home city of Sacramento, California to Seattle, Washington because of her fathers job. She hates the fact that she has to start over in a new city and most importantly at a new school called Lakeside Academy. Kyla's life starts to turn into a crazy roller coaster from the moment she steps foot into Lakeside Academy all because of a guy named Liam Lock. His crazy mood swings and personality aren't the only thing Kyla notices on her first day at school. There's something strange about Liam Lock that intrigues Kyla’s curiosity.

Follow the twist and turns that will interlace Kyla and Liam together as boarders are crossed and emotions are played with.. What will happen to these two in the end.

Pain and Pleasure: 
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AnnaIralda AnnaIralda 7 months ago
I'm from Sacramento, Ca :) First time I've ever heard it in a story.  I like it!! 
ILONA- ILONA- 9 months ago
This book is perfect.from beginning to the end. Thank you for  such a great story
Im gonna read 2 book but I cant its private?
fee1991 fee1991 a year ago
I am a avid reader of romance novels and I just have to say that this  book was just amazing  from  beginning to end ... well written  and capturing plot  line !!
elainec94 elainec94 a year ago
is their part 2 of this half way through this and hooked love it :) <3
mitchy14 mitchy14 a year ago
Can you please include me on those who can read pain &pleasure book.2  I do really want to know what will happen to kyle and liam. Thank you...
jennamohd jennamohd a year ago
I need to know what will happen to liam and kyla.......................please I need to know