The Corinthians Series: Rules of Masquerade

What will you get if you pair a reckless, impulsive, dramatic young lady and London's corinthian and master conspirator in an obscure engagement? Simple: the bride to be will try to flee and the groom to be will do what he does best, to seduce and conspire!
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It was a interesting story to read...few times i had a wide smile reading it..good work..
This is one of those epic stories written so nicely you could read it again and again and it makes you smile every time :D
Revision: crumbs, not crumples. Lol It's midnight already, I'm starting to make nonsense. Hë•⌣•Hë•⌣•hë
I love your writing style! Very sophisticated and fitting for this spefic time period.
Charlotte is a graceful character. Her response to her impeding marriage to a man not desired by her to be suitable is delightful :)
Great intro chapter! Love your writing style

I'd feel betrayed too if I was her

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