Like You Used To

She's the person you passed in the hallways, the one you sat next to in class. Who you used to have a crush on. She felt like a thousand miles from you, with her perfect life and her bright future. Then one day she died. What had gone wrong? You didn't know, until you found a picture album that belonged to her.
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This made me even sadder than i already was ( I just finished The Fault In Our Stars!  )
true like the song appreciated by tupac my heart wouldn't let me feel 4 a stranger
'She' is Camille. Camille was the person you'd sit next to, etc. The person here is the guy that found the photo album.
@Dragon_Queen_ We seem to be reading the same's nice to see a
wait... I'm confused.... in the description it says she but in this its a guy....
I read that. Read it again. Read the paragraph before it again. Read the line again and said, well shit. And then laughed.

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