Like You Used To

She's the person you passed in the hallways, the one who you sit next to in class. Who you used to have a crush on. She felt like a thousand miles from you, with her perfect life and her bright future. Then she died. What had gone wrong? You didn't know, until you found a picture album that belonged to her.
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@thatsorandom actually I've never seen those...  I was just using the quote I've always heard since I was littlw
@wisecookie3 lol what up book title reference *you'll only get this if you watch iiSuperwomanii's videos*
I thought it was Camilla and then it was used as Camille. It had a good preface but lacking.
This vaguely reminds me of John Green's Paper Towns. It's really good I love your story.
This is absolutely amazing. It's deep and it sounds natural. It's the perfect way a story should sound.
So he was finally given a chance to know her? A sad story with an underpinning of hope, but left with uncertainty, and a a photo album. A great read! Thanks.

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