She's the person you passed in the hallways, the one you sat next to in class. Who you used to have a crush on. She felt like a thousand miles from you, with her perfect life and her bright future. Then one day she died.  What had gone wrong?  You didn't know, until you found a picture album that belonged to her.
her life is not what it seems to be.
                                    'behind those sweet smile is a dying heart'
the book has barely started and i already relate to her so well i wanna cry :(
That's honestly my life i'm 13 and my parents ask me if I've decided between Yale or Harvard :(
Oh My Gosh!!! 
                                    I thought that her life was great but it was not...
                                    So sad... :(
This is a very touching story so far. I love every but of it so far. Thanks for sharing it!! Xx ~lynn
It's ya b day! Go and spend some money! lol. But me a prezzie though :p