Love at first bite

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Jelly399 By Jelly399 Updated 2 years ago
Alexsis Saeron was kidnapped, but not just by anyone. a vampire. This vampire is cruel and heartless, but can she change him? And does he develop feelings for her?
kvin24 kvin24 2 years ago
Don't get upset, your writing isn't that good. Just work on it.
TonydntSleep TonydntSleep 2 years ago
Please update aS soon aS possible ... I'm I love with this book damn.... Pleaseseeeeesesseee
TonydntSleep TonydntSleep 3 years ago
Pleaseeeee I want more... Hope she won't go tru more pain and hope her baby dad will come back... Pleaseeee more
Tralalala_Jade Tralalala_Jade 3 years ago
I didn't even have to finish the first chapter to know exactly how this was going to play out :(-Amber
taty121 taty121 3 years ago
I like it so much can't wait till u update so I can see wat happen
Interesting37 Interesting37 3 years ago
I love your stories they are awesome and whover doesnt agree are NOT awesome, keep it up!!!!