Being star crossed lovers is a drag. Ramona has wanted to be a star as long as she can remember, but as she gets closer to twenty-nine it appears she may have to give up and accept a normal life; that is until she finds a flyer for a new broadway show. Ramona tries out, hoping her last chance will be the one that pays off, but fate seems cruel when she finds the hit show is actually an all male drag show revue. A desperate decision leaves Ramona faking her way into the show, determined to earn a paycheck. Ramona is excited about her big break, focused on her career, till she sees Julian, the man that may change everything Ramona has ever known about herself
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This woman is crazy.. and I love her! 

Not all of have the courage to follow our dreams... :)
Great start.... shows us exactly where her life is right now and how its changing ...
I'm starting this today... 

Being star-crossed lover is a drag .....  well i think I'm gonna love this one
Lol, the way u spelt 'narrowly'! U said 'narily'! hahaha lol, gatita fangs knash together as she laughs,,,, Mwa ha ha ;-) good though :)
Really how does this inspire us? We want to play dead then kill themselves!? Hahahahahaha ;)
This is a fantastic concept and the beginning pulled me right in. I can't wait for you to continue with the idea! :)

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