His Mate. (Being Edited)

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He has been in love with her since the day he laid eyes on her. When he finds out that they are mates can they live happily ever after or is someone out to make her life miserable?
Why is every male's last names always stone? 
Do you authors have a thing for rocks? 
Haha jk I love the last name <3.<3
Hehehe I remember years back when we were in elementary school and we found out that a hoe was a gardening tool. Ohhh good times good times
my name is emily also, but it makes me feel uncomfortable when some one calls me emily. its so stiff and formal. i liked to be called emma or m&m. by the way i love the story. its so cute that they're saving thier virginity for thier mates.
hey @XxDinkyxX 

i have a proposition for you.
can i try and edit your story. like the grammatical errors. for example peace instead of peice. 

please it would mean bunches :))

i had a moment of complete stupidity. i thought tyler was a girl... *facepalm*
This is soo funny! just a couple of grammatical and spelling errors like care instead of car , but apart from that I love it! :-)