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_Twiddle101 By _Twiddle101 Updated 3 years ago
Fire.  Water.  Earth.  Three supernatural powers, three humans, one prophecy.  
After the apocalypse of 3021, Master Kane and 5000 surviors built colonies around the Dome, the capitol city.  As the years progressed, Kane became powerful and nothing less of a tyrant.  In this new civilization, Masu, legends of the night of the apocalypse begin once more as they did in 3021.  Radiation had posioned the bodies of 1000 surivors, causing them to have supernatural abilities.  Master Kane, a cruel, merciless man has only one objective.  Destory the Specials.  Now it's up to Sage, Peter and Natalie, three teenagers that are completely different yet completely the same.
Norma1 Norma1 2 years ago
Lol you named it after the book specials from Scott but it's all a different plot... completely different plot
SydneyIrons SydneyIrons 2 years ago
OMG! This is crazy but i had the same idea, well almost the same, like the name Kane and everything! Haha, same mind patterns! lol