Tears Come First

One moment was all it took for everything to be Taken away from Emma Davis. She has no family. Now she is living with the one person her parents had trusted. The man she once knew as her dad best friend is no longer who he once was. Learning that life is not always fair Emma is trying to be strong when she needs to in order to survive. That is until Tyler Price walked into her life. Suddenly the new mysterious guy is taken an interest in the bullied shy girl. However Emma does not want to make friends, she has her eyes set on leaving this town and escaping The hell she is living in when the time comes. Tyler on the other hand is determine to get Emma to fall in love with him. However Tyler is keeping a secret which could destroy Emma and take everything away from her. When the moment comes will Emma go with her heart or walk away? When you're left with nothing you find out that tears come first.
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I walk 1.6 miles to school it's so long but you get used to it but on hot days OMG
@Ameliajoy25 I'm feeling the same way right now. this is the longest a book that I've read has ever talked about god     .
Im already in love with this book and it really is amazing that it says so much about god Ive never seen anything like this
OMG! GOOD STORY! But most importantly.... How did u make the "cast" list? can u message me on that please?! thank u :3
Unputdownable (I don't think that is actually a word hut they should invent it for this book)
I love this! It is brilliant and I'm only on chapter one, you're a phenomenal writer :)

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