The Heartbreak Chronicles

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Ali By Fallzswimmer Updated 8 days ago
Oliver, Xander, JJ and Alec are just four regular guys. Of course, they're also members of the world famous boy band The Heartbreakers. But just because they're heartthrobs doesn't mean they can't fall in love... or have their hearts broken. 
    The Heartbreak Chronicles is a book series. This "book" will contain four stories, one for each band member, told from their potential love interest's POV:  
    BOOK 1: THE HEARTBREAKERS - Oliver's Story [Complete]
    BOOK 2: THE QUEEN OF HEARTS - Alec's Story [In Progress]
    BOOK 3: HEALING HER HEART - JJ's Story [To be written]
    BOOK 4: HEARTTHROB HUNTING - Xander's Story [To be written]
Well I spend time with Jack Barakat bc we're married...but I guess ADTR bc fav band that's american and punk screamo emo stuff or TDG bc other fav band that's Canadian and alternative or MK bc british underrated fav band or breaking Benjamin bc american and alternative fav
you can say they're the most talented BOY BAND but no way in hell are they the most talented band
"most talented" my a** have you never heard of ADTR? TDG? Breaking Benjamin?
this could be 5sos, cause they're four. or maybe ATL or those kind of bands, not boybands.
That would actually make a great title 'The Boy From Starbucks' coming soon to a theatre near you!
Kay... That's new... The girls older than the boy... Urgh who cares?