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Layla McMann knows what it’s like to feel alone. She’s been there, at the lowest of lows, with no one to fall back on, completely and utterly alone. So when she spots a chance for change in the simple aspect of volunteering, she seizes it willingly.

Brendon Wood has it all. He’s rich, famous, good-looking, on top of his career, and engaged to the world’s sexiest woman alive. What more could he ask for?

Some called it fate. Layla called it an accident. A terrible, deadly, and unfortunate accident. One that just so happened to intertwine their lives. And one that just so happened to give them the chance to heal, to live and to love.

** DISCLAIMER: Infidelity ahead. Read at your own risk. **
Please has been 2 months since last update..I'm dying to know what happens next..:-O
When are you going to update?!?! I'm dying to know what happens!!!!!
I'm a bit confused did he throw the ring across the room? If so what is wrong with them that they didn't even bother picking it up!?
wat role is this sister suppose to have and is la affected by wood accident
I read this books in 2 days.... and I think it's time for an update ;)
Love the fact that you spelt Joana like that...not many ppl do but thats How I spell my name :) btw great story! just started reading it and i cant seem to put it down! :)