Die For You (Andy Biersack Love Story) (COMPLETED)

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Harley Jackson runs away from her abusive father and contacts her friend who she hasn't talked to in 3 years.

Her friend is Jinxx from Black Veil Brides.

What will happen when she goes to live with The Black Veil Brides and all the guys think shes beautiful.

One more then the others.

That one is Andy Biersack.

Will they end up getting together or will Harley decide she doesn't want guys in her life because of her past with her dad.

Read to find out

SmutMuffin made the cover FAN HER NOW!!! I LOVE THE COVER SOOOO MUCH!! <33
it's really hard reading fanfic bc I get so hyper and happy my tablet falls out of my hands.
Batman and Andy are one. dear lord, please save me from my unhealthy obsession with both of these two perfect specimen. amem
in crying and smiling at the same time, that is really hard to do for me
but Sammi and Jinxx arent dating anymore. His Dating Alice Mogg
So her dad could be coming after her, and she's casually talking about her looks?
great idea but like it isnt stretched out enough. like if you could add a few words, sentences, make it say that same message but be longer, it would be perf