Celina Queen is in trouble with her financial crisis. With her mother loosing her job, the social services on the verge to take her and kid brother away to th e orphanage. with no jobs available left, she drops out of high school and goes to drastic measures to win some cash.. However trouble follows when she witnesses something she wasn't meant to see..
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@saintsarina darn you.=) this time i wasnt able to get to the computer. i had stuff to do busy busy busy.
thanks for dedicating this chapter to me....i love this story alot, ur amazing!
can't wait for more,plz upload soon!!! xD
They're going to Japan! :D if you don't kill them first, that is. But you won't do that, right? Please upload soon ;)
plz upload soooooooooooooooooooooooooooon! I love your sturies they are soooooooo good.
I knew I would fall in love with this book as soon as u wrote the summary. You one again got me hooked on another one of ur books good job dude
dun dun duuuuun! What will happen? Please update. Your new story seems interesting ^^

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