Blind since birth, Elle Duncan has known only darkness, but her beautiful spirit brims with light. A terrible accident has hindered her father’s ability to provide for his wife and three daughters-in a bleak desperation to restore his livelihood-he’s turned to their most unlikely savior-their brooding and dark lord.
    Don Rossetti is bad-tempered with an equally dark countenance to match. Harboring a dark secret, he’s comfortable spending his existence in solitude, but something about the peasant man who has come daringly seeking his aid, peaks his curiosity and suddenly loneliness is no longer of appeal. He grudgingly agrees to assist the poor farmer but for his generous deed a price must be paid-a debt that Elle Duncan must pay.
    Cover done by Neeavila.
I am re-reading the story. It is so cool. I am thinking of writing a poem dedicated just for you. : :
ppl who's English is not their first language.... 
                                    ppl who's English is not even their second language. I feel you
 #rereader but i forget cause it was months ago. IM READY TO REMEMBER
I honestly don't find this hard to read. It's really just old English lit. Really love where this is going!
Or stick the word 'of' in between to read 'ignoramus of a man'