Love Or Friendship? It's A Stupid Choice That I Had To Make

Gabrielle Mason loves Carter, her best friend since they were still babies, more than a friend. She doesn't want to think that there was something more between the two of them because she doesn't want to feel disappointed when he said that all he's doing is just normal. For a friend. She also doesn't want to tell him because if she confesses this, this might be a way for their friendship to break. But what if, Carter also feels the same way too? This is a story of love and how two friends value their friendship.
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Oh my gosh I'm loving this! Thanks soo much for telling me about your story. I voted and fanned. This is definatly going in my library! 
Oooh I love it cuz I'm a sucker for friendship love stories so u got me in haha lol so plzzz write more u can't just that hanging!!! ;)

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