Couple undercover(On HOLD)

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Rosebud30 By Rosebud30 Updated 11 months ago
Meet Sarah, a twenty two year bubbly girl and Adam a very handsome eligible bachelor. They both fall in love unexpectedly. Their journey is not simple like any normal couple would have but it is full of suprises. Read ahead to know :)
katherine16 katherine16 3 years ago
I really love this story :) Your writing is amazing , please update soon
Corinder Corinder 3 years ago
Hehehe, Amelia! :) I have to say, her mum must have had her really young! But I am loving that. :)
Corinder Corinder 3 years ago
Wow, she's got a possessive guy there. :) Not always a bad thing either! I'm curious about why she can't have him though.
XxdreamcloudsxX XxdreamcloudsxX 3 years ago
goood u gave the note down coz iwas begging to wonder weder it u forgot to upload a stry in btew :P
btw good stry......ihope u give more details in ur stry...mak ein lengthy :)
sayruq sayruq 3 years ago
Cool chapter. Her family sounds cool. There some areas you need to work on like your grammar. I really think this story has potential
SleepyZombie33 SleepyZombie33 3 years ago
This is a good beginning, and I am a sucker for romance. I don't really feel a connection to your characters (that could be because it's the prologue.) But, other than the grammar errors mentioned below, this was entertaining.