The Final Song

Jeffery Paston is a man ruled by obsession; once he finds himself infatuated with something he will use any twisted method possible to fulfill his desires. There is no such thing as going ‘too far’ for a desperate man.
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This is sick and disturbing--Yet very well written. I almost feel guilty for liking your writing. But as a writer---it's something I can appreciate.
awww!!!  forgive me but this a most awful story...not worthy of a good author... but I suppose it had to be told
Is the 6pages the story or will there be more? :) by the way the story is amazing!
Whoa....that was creepy...but we'll written.. You got really into character and it made me feel like it was actually happening.
This was extremely well written. I've read almost all your stories, and am amazed at how versatile a writer you are. This story was deep and thought provoking.
that man is seriously sickening.hope he rots down there...good story though...:/

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