Conquering Love (A BoyxBoy Romance)

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Crystal By OMGItsCrystal Completed
Spencer has always been the quiet type. His parents split up years ago and he hasn't seen his father since, so when his mother gets married for the second time he doesn't like the idea. Her new husband moves in as well as his son Ashton. But what happens when Spencer's father shows up and Spencer starts liking his new step-brother Ashton who is straight, a man whore, and is a complete asshole to him?
when my mom do this I get up lock my door then put headphones in so I don't hear yelling and pretend I never woke up
Your not my dad! Always tryna hear something.. Ugly a$ fxckin...
@DWinchestersAngel yesssssssss spencer's my fav as well as penelope and derek
Your not my daaaddy always tryna make somebody do something 
Oh sure. Mmhmm. You're not "gay", I get you. And I'm sure you didn't "kiss back"
Suck my d*ck Michael! ( I don't have a d*ck, I just wanted to say it) even though my step father is named Michael (he's cool)