Awakened With a Kiss

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LaLaMermaid By LaLaMermaid Updated 3 years ago
<Modern and Twisted Sleeping Beauty>

Fairy tales have always played an insignificant part in Charlie's life, as a young child she never harbored any fantasies on whether they could be real or not.

Being adventurous as well as outgoing, Charlie decides to explore the ever terrifying haunted house that no one has ever dared enter. What she finds inside will change her life forever and may even turn it into a twisted fairy tale itself.

<Read prologue for more info>
Maddii15 Maddii15 3 years ago
Nice prolouge! I laughed at the Justin Beiber thing :D I liked how you kind of switched the roles of Sleeping Beauty to a man and Prince harming to a girl. This story seems pretty original and I am excited to read more.:)
MonaHanna MonaHanna 3 years ago
That was really good! I love how it ended with "Princess Charming." You have to read more after that. I like the length - I don't like prologues that go on too long. I just want to get into the story. I thought it was great.
Sierra256715 Sierra256715 3 years ago
I like the twist you put on Sleeping Beauty - its original and, hey, all for women power! I found that you rambled on a bit but that may be based on princess charming's character, suitable length (could have beeen longer) and thumbs up on the cover. Voted
sanarada28 sanarada28 3 years ago
oh awesome original idea. Like where this is going, twisted the classical story, genius ! :)vote and this is going to go on my reading list :)
aSecretStory aSecretStory 3 years ago
First of all awesome cover !! 

Anyway, Lovin the twist. Its different to the stories ive read before. Also a story that makes me laugh is a story worth reading. Your description was good and your weiting style is great. 

I have to say that this is quite unique so well done on originality. Voted
blondie_in_love blondie_in_love 3 years ago
I like it :) keep doing a great job your a good writer :) you have my vote :)