(COMPLETED)The Understanding (Drug Cartel & Love Novel)

The sleek, two door Mustang races through the empty streets of Los Angeles at dusk as Kash tries to get away from the bright red Land Rover that stays on his tail as he cuts corners and swaps paint with parked cars. Kash looked next to him and in the passenger seat was Cammie Frederick. Highland County University's most intelligent student but also the most unnoticed. Not too long ago did he break into her home and take her without her consent. Now he's driving her into her new life with him. A life with Organized Criminals, the gangsters with expensive suits and ties not sagging pants. What is she getting herself into...more like what she is being dragged into.
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Lmao. That kind of reminds me of Me. In so many different ways. Well except the eating healthy and,skinny part. But hey.... #Loner4Lyfe
I like how u make the African American woman not have big boobs and butt like most of these other books I've read and your writing is real
How you just come into someone's house, kill some people, and then take the girl hostage? what type of mess...lmao
Yasss ! Lmaoo , Cammie ole' lonely ass . But I wonder why them people's is after her .
I definitely would've sharted my pants if someone did that to me. Jesus! That's some scary stuff right there! Intense chapter though! :)
I love this!!! cant wait to rad more I read above it all it was really good tooo ur a really good writer!! :)

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