The War I Fight

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EmilyCharlotteCooledge By EmilyCharlotteCooledge Updated a year ago
Two men join the army, they know the risks, they know they could die but they still join never the less, to protect their country. When their plane is shot down over Afghanistan, their company gets split up, each solider gets seperated but the last ones left on the plane are the two soliders, the two best friends, Jack and Daniel. After jumping out of the plane with the parachute they land on Afghanistan soil but when Daniel wakes up, Jack is missing. This is the story of the bestfriend who refuses to abandon his friend as he's declared MIA, ignoring the warnings of others Daniel goes on the search for his best friend, regardless of the consequences. As Daniel struggles to find his friend he discovers secrets that he wished he never knew, now the burdan of the world is on him and with his friends life in jepordy, time is running out.

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rwindson rwindson 2 years ago
Alright! I like how vivid and gritty the friend's death was, though the narrative for others contained too many commas and paragraphs! Many good sentences make a good story :)

Liked it :)
SiBiggs SiBiggs 3 years ago
OK well good luck, plenty of jobs to choose from, and everyone plays their part its a big team.
SiBiggs SiBiggs 3 years ago
Well done, very good stuff considering you are still considering joining up.
LittleMadHatter LittleMadHatter 3 years ago
I really love the way you write, you have a unique and gifted hand
LittleMadHatter LittleMadHatter 3 years ago
Love it, really deep and meaningful. The way you write gives me a very clear image