Sick, Twisted, Dark And Demented Poems

This book is full of Sick, Twisted,ark and Demented poems. It lso contains normal and sweet, crazy poems but mostly Demented poems
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I like, but it feels like you can go deeper. It feels as if the rhymes are limiting the true potential of this poem
'The Emo' Is a really beautiful poem. I am shocked at so well writen and amzing it is. It's a marvelous piece on self harm.
Wow. That was great. Especially the 'emo' story. That was beautiful, nd had so much emotions. Wow I am stoned. Great job. :) <3
OMg platinum bullet is like awesome- the emo is pretty wicked too but i love platinum bullet
I love them alot. I am inspired by these and so now i can my poem. I had writers block. These were an insperation for me. Thank you,
I luv yhur poems and how yhu address yhur fans as "sexy people" XD Keep writing
-Pretty Star:P

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