My Tattooed Heart

She’s rich, she’s sexy, she’s beautiful and she’s hot. But one thing she’s not…BOYS….coz she’s a gay! Born as Alexandra…but grow up to be Alex. She’s full of vigor, liberated and the black sheep of the family. Her parents wanted her to be a doctor but she ends up a tattoo artist. Her motto in life… What Alex wants...Alex gets! Who could tame this lovely woman and claim her wild heart?
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Nice. Her taking a bodybag with made me laugh though, maybe you should look up what it means :P. 

Here's a linky:
that was smth so so fckin' Brilliant, i mean the way you describe them!!! love it!!:))
Interesting story :) Brilliant writing considering it is your first English story! Just keep an eye on the use of past/present tense, and keep writing

pabasa naman po ng story ko! thanks po :D
i cant finished:((((what interest me most ?? was the cover:)) i loved divine but i cant take this kind of stories:((( sorry about the author:((
What made me want to read this was your cover! ((:
You just gotta love her <3

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