The Black Carnival

The Black Carnival is coming to town Lock up your kids regardless the frown The ringleader searches, looking for prey Will you be next, to play his game?
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OMG!!!this is an amzing horror story!!! you're seriosly takented!! how the hell did you come up with this?!
Okay, note to self: NEVER GOING TO A CARNIVAL AGAIN! haha just kidding! But very well written and classically creepy!!! :)
Really good horror  story !!! But one the other hand im officially scared to set foot in a carnival now lol
I about crapped my pants when I just read the intro.  Oh!!! So good.  And- hey...wait....there is a trailor?!? How'd I miss it?!?!?
Wow!!! So far it's Soo good and really creppy and I love the little promo video that you made very nice :)
Finally, someone uses some 8th grade English tactis instead of just crappy writing. Very good carnival story, it's actually quite creepy.

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