Rewriting History

Lexi Grant at the age of eighteen is an Adult in Australia. She gets to vote, drink, party and go out like any young adult. Only thing is, now life’s not all about her new found sexuality, her wit, sarcasm and lively attitude. Her new status brings responsibility, commitments, goals and appreciation for lust. She decides to face it all with a new set of personal rules to change her bad girl reputation. #1 Finish school without getting suspended. #2 No boys, guys, perverts or nymphomaniacs. But there’s a rule she forgot; #3 – Don’t fall in love, with any one! Especially her teacher.
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.... It's too fast! They can't kiss in the first chapter!!! 
But this is a cool story, and I'm in love with my history teacher too at the moment. :)
Hey, i was just wondering if your going to make a sequel?
I loved the book soo much, i couldnt put it down!!
Wait this is NON-FICTION as in true...real....not make believe
did this happen to u?
hey good story uv got good writing structure but no offfense the picture makes him look like he has boobs which is kind of off putting
oh cool! i am so glad i found this one! and actually started reading it :D its awesome! keep uploading...
onto the next chapter now :)
Never read any other teacher/student story that starts of right away and I loved it

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