Never look into his eyes. Never let him touch you. Never speak to him. He will consume your soul. He will extinguish your dreams. He will turn you into nothing. Do not let him get to you. Do not trust him. Do not fall for his words and false promises. He is a master of lying and King of persuasion. Who is he? Read and find out.
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It's really interesting. I'm excited to read what's going to happen next and what it's all about.
I love the details o the man, it really caught me in the moment. So hypnotizing.
Hell, I don't even know him and I know we can be doin things together... Ya know with condoms..

Like put water in them and throw them at people. How fun c:
Oh my god! I can't wait for the next chapter. Whoooah. I so so love your work Ms Author. :))
I haven't read your book yet but from what I read in the blurb....I can't wait it's sounds very descriptive!
Sorry I'm interrupting, really good book, but it's spelled quiet. I'm really sorry, but I can't help it.

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