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This is a Teen Wolf Preference of Derek Hale,Stiles Stilinski,Isaac Lahey and Scott Mccall,Aiden and Jackson and maybe Peter(they weren't originally here but i decided to add them).Also you can request One Shots(Imagines) with all the characters from Teen Wolf(Derek,Peter,Scott,Isaac,Stiles,Jackson,Aiden, Danny,Boyd,Ethan,Lydia,Cora,Allison,Kira..etc.) or your personal ideas for the next preference,they are open till i decide otherwise which you'll be noted about(if you want one shot there's a chapter for it which explains what you need to do).Everything you will read here i've written myself,so i hope you'll enjoy it. Requests are CLOSED!XoXoXo
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can I have a aiden imagine my name is Katie and I have brown curly hair and green eyes and in the imagine can I be scott's sister

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