Teen Wolf Preferences

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tachaaaaaaaaaaa By tachaaaaaaaaaaa Updated 3 months ago
This is a Teen Wolf Preference of basically everyone on the show. I've made a new Teen Wolf Preferences book,a Sequel if you will,where i'll be continue my writing.The Sequel was made in honor of the death of one one my most beloved characters,the noble hero Allison Argent.

Everything you will see in here is written by me.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!!!
MrsCrazyFangurl MrsCrazyFangurl 2 months ago
I felt bad for Jackson no one commented on him, so here you go jackson!
Al3microwave Al3microwave 4 months ago
Ew! I saw the latest episode mister, I won't fall for your sexy ways
fangirl313 fangirl313 5 months ago
BABE! That was so adorable!! I would love to meet Stiles so awkward and flustered!
Little_Dhampir99 Little_Dhampir99 5 months ago
Mrs_Irwin_Horan_Fab Mrs_Irwin_Horan_Fab 11 months ago
can I have a aiden imagine my name is Katie and I have brown curly hair and green eyes and in the imagine can I be scott's sister