Playing With Fire - Book One

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Immy By Immlaaarr Completed
Jasper, seventeen, is searching for love. Ross, twenty-eight, doesn't believe in love. They both lead completely different lives in completely different worlds; Jasper studies and behaves himself, trying to follow his brother's footsteps to make his parents proud, and Ross owns a high-end retail store, attracting customers at work and going out attracting men at night. So what happens when the two meet? They both know it wouldn't work; they're so different and there's an age gap of eleven years. But sparks are flying and although it's a dangerous risk with the consequences of both their lives being ruined, they both want to chance it. Will Jasper lose the love of everyone in his life? Will Ross change his life to keep Jasper within it? They could both get burned at any time, but sometimes you've got to play with fire.
I though that it said Riddle and I was all Like, "ALL THE HARRY POTTERNESS", then I read it again and it wasn't Riddle anymore :(
I'm neglecting sleep cause of you. You're too good at writing ;-; too good.
Sixth form is a UK thing not US. It's after high school ends at 16 there is an extra year which is sixth form to take more exams
Have you noticed that you don't even mention anywhere that this is boyxboy?
I'm gonna start re-reading this now bc it's so freaking good okay
I won't have Internet for the next few days (so this won't upload until I have Internet again but anyway) so I can't see everyone else's sarcastic comments and it's really disappointing :(