Playing With Fire - Book One

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Immlaaarr By Immlaaarr Updated 6 months ago
Jasper, seventeen, is searching for love. Ross, twenty-eight, doesn't believe in love. They both lead completely different lives in completely different worlds; Jasper studies and behaves himself, trying to follow his brother's footsteps to make his parents proud, and Ross owns a high-end retail store, attracting customers at work and going out attracting men at night. So what happens when the two meet? They both know it wouldn't work; they're so different and there's an age gap of eleven years. But sparks are flying and although it's a dangerous risk with the consequences of both their lives being ruined, they both want to chance it. Will Jasper lose the love of everyone in his life? Will Ross change his life to keep Jasper within it? They could both get burned at any time, but sometimes you've got to play with fire.
ThatOneChickThough ThatOneChickThough 17 days ago
I thought every high school had Six Form linked in with it, Guess I was wrong then :S
ThatOneChickThough ThatOneChickThough 17 days ago
@Sir_Rants_Alots That deep in huh O-O ...(That's what he said *Quickly hides behind John Snow*)
JazzlynCampbell JazzlynCampbell 2 months ago
What year is this based on so i can get a better feeling of what he's wearing...
Flo-books-bands Flo-books-bands 3 months ago
@JamesCDixon this is also the first story have read on wattpad that I actually understand the school system
nali0rf20 nali0rf20 4 months ago
@KathleenJMBassick OMG!!!! QAF is like my number 1 m2m series evaaaaa!!! owwwww. im just glad i found 1 co fan girl here. :))
Sir_Rants_Alots Sir_Rants_Alots 4 months ago
Ohhhh! I'm also an American and you just made something complicated seem simple. I thought they were in sixth grade and he was like 12. I was so far off