The Dude's Guide to Girls

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James | Tyler | Henry By SexySurfers Updated 3 years ago
Girls. Can't live without them. Can't stand their everyday battles for top dog. 
    Well we can't be fucked to do a description right now so just click and read.
I'm laughing my ass off this isn't true for me but I know some of my friends are like this and it's scary. it's like you can't say anything... :)
you'll never find out my secrets. but i taught myself to be immune.  if you go to Pulaski st school in riverhead than I will teach you. if you can find me of course.
You should've said: "Just don't ditch. Period." Get it? That pun? Ehh?
I'm not the girl to throw giddy fits of rage like the lemons XD
U guys sound like u got some gross experienceses lol feel ya bro but I am a girl so do take the advice u boys god u guys are ligit geniuses to do this guide 4 dudes lol
Some things ARE true about us lady's. you guys are Hilarious tho.