The Dude's Guide to Girls

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SexySurfers By SexySurfers Updated 3 years ago
Girls. Can't live without them. Can't stand their everyday battles for top dog. 

Well we can't be fucked to do a description right now so just click and read.
spacedeath123 spacedeath123 3 months ago
you'll never find out my secrets. but i taught myself to be immune.  if you go to Pulaski st school in riverhead than I will teach you. if you can find me of course.
Socially_Awkwardness Socially_Awkwardness 8 months ago
You should've said: "Just don't ditch. Period." Get it? That pun? Ehh?
MerTales MerTales 11 months ago
I'm not the girl to throw giddy fits of rage like the lemons XD
pegacorns234 pegacorns234 11 months ago
U guys sound like u got some gross experienceses lol feel ya bro but I am a girl so do take the advice u boys god u guys are ligit geniuses to do this guide 4 dudes lol
HellsCrimsonBlade HellsCrimsonBlade a year ago
Some things ARE true about us lady's. you guys are Hilarious tho.
wolfyn wolfyn 2 years ago
@ImChasingTheStars I'm not gonna start. I can guess what stuff'll be in here.