The Dude's Guide to Girls

Girls. Can't live without them. Can't stand their everyday battles for top dog. Well we can't be fucked to do a description right now so just click and read.
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@wolfyn, maybe you should read this so then you won't piss me and @Buzzybee123 off so much
The pic -giggles- is way to -giggles- to funny!

I dont care -giggle- that im tottaly offended,-giggle- that is way to -giggle- to funny
Ugh...just thinking of "that time of the month" gives me cramp.  What if I don't want mother duckin' babies?  Huh?!
Why does everyone have to type like gosh Hoover/Three Gorges dam Ghetto Cowboys?  Dafuq world.  What the duckin fuq.
Ill have to admit this is pretty hilarious but damn you make us chicks sound like squirrels  on red bull
Hahahahaha ohhh my God, I love you guys. You're hilarious x) I do this all with my mom....bitches be trippin.

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