Emma Malfoy (Sequel to Emma Potter: Harry Potter Fan Fiction)

Emma Potter has always been the shadows of her brother Harry, but when her two year long boyfriend Draco Malfoy asks for her hand in marriage everything changes. He has secrets and so does she. Harry is out to prove Draco's the bad guy... but what if Emma want's Draco to be the bad guy? Find out in Emma Malfoy. Cover By: @hermione96
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@krazygirly22 seriously stop judging her story ok stop reading if you don't like it just don't comment on it and make her feel bad ok
HELP!! how old are they? Getting married? PLEASE HELP! The oldest they could be is 17
You're an amazing writer, but you have some grammar issues, and I would have said the same for the 1st book too. No offense but it's true. :)
I love Adrian. Really. He's a lot better brother than Harry right now!
Dammit Harry!
LOL I loved the "Can I not wear shorts" scene!! It was ssoooo freakin' funny!! Thanks for uploading and upload soon!!!
Haha lol she's gonna go dress shopping ;) Draco was so confused it was sort of hilarious when he was in shock upload soon!!!!

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