Fallen Huntresses' (On Hold)

Reena is going through the worse, with an abusive boyfriend who is supposed to be her enemy but she can't make herself leave him. But are suspicions on his species false? Her thoughts are proven when his best friend Angel come's to their town. But how can she kill Angel when he is the only one who can stop her boyfriend Jamir from beating her? How can she have to kill Angel when he's helped her so much? The worst part is if her dad has to make the choice then will it be what she wants? The first part of the Fallen Huntress series...
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It's great! Very interesting. You don't need to change anything. I know it's hard coming up with new ideas for next chapters but keep going! I love it!
@SelenaChambers Oh, thank God! I'm in love wwith this story! It's so sort of my life.
Don't stop writing this! I'm addicted! It's perfect, there is nothing you need to fix! Just keep writing it!

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