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FunPoison JetKid By FunPoison JetKid Updated a year ago
This is the follow-up story to my poem "This Life", about a girl named Fallout as she tries to survive the post-apocalyptic environment around her. The song is Ready Aim Fire by Imagine Dragons, which I feel represents Fallout and the apocalypse as a whole very well.  ATTENTION - No more updates until I get more feedback/reads on the latest chapter, so if you enjoy my story, please be sure to read it and vote and comment! Thanks!
This is beautiful. I found it incorrectly categorized as a short story, but no matter, this prologue was simply amazing. I could feel the characters, you did an incredible job.
First chapter and It already has me hooked in. This was a great first read, you are a extraordinary writer. Descriptive to the max, I love it so far!