Death Sentence - A Val Bosanquet Mystery

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AJ Davidson By AJ Davidson Updated 4 years ago
Death Sentence sees the return of recalcitrant detective Val Bosanquet from An Evil Shadow. Val stumbles across Diane Laing, the victim of a ten-year-old abduction and the last of four young women who disappeared. Val's attempts to locate the other victims inadvertently puts Diane at risk. When she is abducted a second time, Val faces down the FBI and a bomber to rescue the woman he loves.
have enjoyed both evil shadows and death sentence would like to read the rest. not sure but here is my email if you can update me on rest of death sentence. been reading on watpad on my phone
When are you going to complete this book? Its been 2 years without an update on it I'm hooked and want to know what happened. I love your writing. You keep me interested which is difficult! Please let me know......
Wow fab read was glued to it but need to read the rest can I purchase it somewhere??
Hey, the story is fantastic n i was so glued to it...only it has stopped n has left me hanging... i want to know wht happns.. whn will u post next??
Have got to part were Diane arrested and then no more story. What next!!!! Am trading Wattpad on my android phone.Help!!!
@ajdavidson I use wattpad from my cellular and I have a Sony reader (until I gift a kindle to myself :-})