Enemy to Girlfriend (Mindless Behavior love story)

Taysia hates Mindless Behavior. That doesn't stop her BFFs, Carleigh, Raelle, and Jael, from dragging her to a concert. But who knows what is gonna happen when they meet MB? Hearts will be broken. Romances will begin. Friends will be betrayed. Read and find out what's gonna happen. Comment and become a fan! xoxoxo Brianna
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They wouldn't have won the tickets cuz they dumb as fuck and they wrong as fuck..
@luv_prod Neither is ray.. They both outta school!! DF Get it together sweetie.. How u gonna be tm if u don't know they ages.
@luv_prod no its not.. DF prod is still in school prince isn't.. U dumb as shit.. Like DF
@Keshaunaa No its not.. its ray ray Princeton prodigy then Roc.. Like df u not TM if u don't know that
I think he skipped a grade I may be wrong tho I'm no expert on this I just listen to their music (:
its not ray ray, prodigy, Princeton, and roc because prodigy is older then rayray look it up

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