Finding Ivy and Hunting Diana

Finding Ivy: Ivy doesn’t remember anything about her life before she woke up in the hospital at the age of six. She is sixteen now and one memory keeps reoccurring in her dreams. She chooses to ignore it until things start to happen that makes her question her true identity and who or what she really is. Hunting Diana: Sequel to Finding Ivy: After finally getting all four of the elementals together, the war seems to be tilting in their favor. Ivy only has one thing she feels she needs to do in order to end it all. Hunt down her mother and destroy her, but Ivy knows from experience that it's never as easy as it seems. Lies, secrets, and people from the past cause everything to be complicated.
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i like it i was hooked by the first chapter please read one of my books like My ... is the father:by ali guzman:)
Wow this is good I like it please read one of my books like My ... is the father:ali guzman:)
  Surviving this shit:ali guzman:)
Finding jessica:ali guzman:)
Love it! Totally stoked for the sequel! Also, I plan on sharing the link on my fb wall :)
I know this is completely irrelevant to your story, but you have to cutest dp EVER. xD
oh, and you story is AMAYZIIIIING. <3 just sayin'. You've got talent. ;)
I lovve this!!!! I actually am getting into paranormal storiess and thank you allooottt for helping out xD ill vote and fan ;)
I like reading past tense it gives me a good outlook on the main character, I like it.... I'm guessing she doesn't have parents? 

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