Do it I Dare you (Completed) (Editing)

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Sthefany By Sthefany Completed
When you say the names Andrea Brooks and Ryder Lincoln people cringe. Their amazing love story has become sour. Andrea hates her cheating mate.... Ryder hates Andrea's revenge scheme, what happens when the girl you love doesn't know if she can love you ever again?  There's broken plates damages floors and bloody revenge. Because when it comes to girls you don't cheat and if you do..... do it I dare you. ;)
I hate Ryder. I have two eyes. And I loved this chapter! *voted* :D
Lool, i'm loving mika i cant believe ryderr done datt! he's so stupidd and with michelle evern worse!!
Oh I just hate Ryder and to think he can keep it a secret ;) serve him right I'm glad she fled away from him.
Lol, I guess I can't vote since I only have one eye..... Buwahahahahahah! Just joking!!!! Votes and commented!
sucks for him. guess he can explain to uso father why they don't have a new luna anymore.
Ashley Greene is about 30.... Don't you think she's just a couple years old to play a 17 year old girl..? But other than that you're writings really good and the story is good too:)